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Massage Oil

body-candle-massage.jpgA candle never felt so good. Get started with massage candles in your business and you will never return to ordinary massage oil again.

Burning a Scandle Body Massage Candle is just one step towards creating a soft, warm massage liquid that gives a superior experience for both the massage therapist and the client. You will love the way a Scandle Body Massage Candle gently melts into a pool of pour-able, lotion for professional or self massage.

How does a Scandle Candle feel compared to traditional massage oil?

A Scandle Lotion Candle is primarily oil, not wax. Unlike melted paraffin wax which cools and clumps on the skin, soy wax melts into an oil that remains soft on skin because it’s melting point is so close to the average body temperature. The natural ingredients, inherent warm sensation, and smooth composition of butters and oils gives Scandle products the edge in creating unforgettable therapeutic experiences for your clients.

massage-oil.jpgWhat’s the difference between Scandle and all the rest?

Melting at just a few degrees above normal body temperature, Scandle Body Massage Candles produce a soothing lotion that is warm to the touch- not hot.

Scandle’s products are all natural and made of FDA approved ingredients. They are biodegradable and made from renewable resources. Scandle’s commitment to environmentally-safe products guarantees quality ingredients in all of our spa products.

Key Benefits of Replacing Massage Oils with Scandle Candles

  • You can upcharge your massage services because of our premium products
  • Our products can be used in the back bar and sold for retail. What an easy retail conversation starter! We even offer private label branding to create the ultimate retail experience.
  • Aromatherapy has never been easier. You don’t have to buy aromatherapy oils in addition to massage oil because we have designed the Scandle Essentails product line for a no-hassle aromatherapy experience. The right amount of oil, the right temperature, and the best fragrances. In addition to our standard fragrance lines, we can customize fragrances that fit your business needs.

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